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Our philosophy is to provide advisory services to make your investments as successful as you.
For us anything worth doing is worth doing well.
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What is SIP

One can invest in mutual funds regular sums of money through the Systematic Investment Plan thereby making the volatility of the securities market work in his favour. Since the amount invested per month/quarter is constant, the investor ends up buying more units when the price is low and fewer units when the price is high. Therefore, the average unit cost will always be less than the average sale price per unit irrespective of the market rising, falling or fluctuating. This concept is called "Rupee Cost Averaging". The investors can gain automatically without having to monitor the market or attempt to predict the market for purchasing the units.

The Systematic Investment Plan (SIP) allows investor to save a fixed amount of rupees every month/quarter for purchasing additional units of Income (Debt) as also other schemes like Growth (Equity) and Balanced Funds and is ideal for meeting the following needs:
  • Higher education of children.
  • Decent Marriage of one's daughter.
  • Setting up one's son in business or profession.
  • Acquiring House/ Flat
  • Retirement needs.
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