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Our philosophy is to provide advisory services to make your investments as successful as you.
For us anything worth doing is worth doing well.
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Birla SL - Mid Cap Fund Plan Reg (G) Equity: Mid Cap 20.4902 15.8791
Franklin - India Prima Fund (G) Equity: Mid Cap 25.2109 18.52
HDFC - Mid Cap Opportunities Fund (G) Equity: Mid Cap 23.1681 N/A
Mirae - Asset Emerging Bluechip Fund Reg (G) Equity: Mid Cap 30.0452 28.1603
SBI - Emerging Business Fund Reg (G) Equity: Mid Cap 19.0791 17.4386
Sundaram - Select Midcap Reg (G) Equity: Mid Cap 23.6115 18.4652
UTI - Mid Cap Fund (G) Equity: Mid Cap 26.3784 19.2161
SBI - M MidCap Fund Reg (G) Equity: Mid Cap 28.6849 18.1965
DSP BlackRock - Micro Cap Fund Reg (G) Equity: Small Cap 22.0339 N/A
Sundaram - Smile Fund Reg (G) Equity: Small Cap 24.6075 17.2349
Reliance - Small Cap Fund (G) Equity: Small Cap 32.6984 29.1614
Kotak - Emerging Equity (G) Equity: Small Cap 25.0147 N/A
Reliance - Pharma Fund (G) Equity: Pharma 21.0399 23.1893
SBI - Pharma Fund Reg (G) Equity: Pharma 27.2667 21.997
UTI - Pharma & Healthcare (G) Equity: Pharma 18.3449 18.3574
UTI - Banking Sector Fund (G) Equity: Banking 11.4933 12.8302
Reliance - Banking Fund (G) Equity: Banking 14.147 16.3483
UTI - Transportation & Logistics (G) Equity: Sectoral 32.2871 24.4197
UTI - MNC Fund (G) Equity: Sectoral 22.2418 19.6687
Birla SL - MNC Fund Reg (G) Equity: Sectoral 26.4225 22.1023
HDFC - Top 200 Fund - (G) Equity: Large Cap 11.5215 12.3389
Birla SL - Frontline Equity Fund Reg (G) Equity: Large Cap 15.8124 14.2956
ICICI Pru - Focused Bluechip Equity Fund Reg (G) Equity: Large Cap 11.8379 13.8507
UTI - Opp Fund (G) Equity: Large Cap 10.6413 12.7576
HDFC - Capital Builder (G) Equity: Multi Cap 16.6685 14.6331
UTI - Equity Fund (G) Equity: Multi Cap 14.8688 13.9006
ICICI Pru - Value Discovery Reg (G) Equity: Multi Cap 23.1701 20.0816
Reliance - Equity Opp (G) Equity: Multi Cap 15.3208 15.7939
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